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Who comes to SoulGround?

Active Recovery

Active Recovery can seem abstract. Here at SoulGround we define Active Recovery as anyone who is taking and active role and ownership in any sort of recovery. This might look like getting to know your anxiety and how to change it's role in your life. This could look like traditional recovery from an addiction or eating disorder. This could look like healing from a toxic relationship. Or this could simply look like a journey of healing from life's traumas and a hunger for more self-awareness, understanding and compassion.

Safety Is Our Priority

SoulGround is a fast paced, advanced retreat. Often the work done at the retreat is just the beginning of a longer process that may be difficult to tolerate and navigate alone once home. Therefore, we want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy enough to participate. Our number one goal is for the retreat to be helpful and safe for everyone involved.

Requirements for attending a SoulGround Retreats:

1. You must be in Active Recovery (This applies to those that have struggled with eating disorders, addiction, self -harm, suicidal ideation, etc.)
2. You must be in your own individual therapy at home.
3. You must be able to commit to safety for the entire retreat.