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Who can attend SoulGround?

Anyone in ACTIVE RECOVERY can attend. Please visit the Active Recovery page for more information. Our retreats are open to all gender identities and sexual orientations.
Currently we only accept adults (18+).



How does tuition work?

SoulGround strives to keep costs as low as possible. Your tuition covers your accommodations at our campus, all meals and snacks, and all our program offerings: drama therapy, collage, creative arts activities and a personalized keepsake themed towards the weekend you attend.
Tuition is broken up into 3 - 4 monthly payments. We accept, PayPal, Venmo, or check.

The current tuition rate is $425 per retreat. A typical payment breakdown:
Month 1 $125
Month 2 $100 or $150
Month 3 $100 or $150
Month 4 $100

Tuition must be paid in full before the week prior to the retreat.



Is there a refund policy?

Refunds are only available if your spot at the retreat is filled by someone else and will not be processed until their tuition is paid in full. If the spot is not able to be filled, no refund will be given. Our strict policy is necessary to maintain integrity, safety, and all applicable payments SoulGround pays prior to each event.



What are the sleeping arrangements and accommodations like?

Our new campus, Esperanza Lodge, located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, has three bedrooms and a loft area for our attendees. Two of the bedrooms are on the main floor, one bedroom is upstairs which is connected to the loft. All rooms are shared. The loft has the option of a self-contained tent bed if necessary.

The facilitator and intern suite is on the lower floor and is off-limits to members during the retreat weekend.

We will do our best, but cannot guarantee, to accommodate roommate requests, or special needs.



Is there a dress code?

Short answer: Not really.

Everyone that attends a SoulGround retreat is expected to use either best judgment in clothing. Members often bring comfortable, lounging clothing as drama therapy is a physical activity. Layers are recommended, as well as socks, tennis shoes, and/or boots for outdoor excursions.
We do have a hot tub that can be used after program hours. Please bring a bathing suit if you wish to use the hot tub.

Can I bring my phone, computer, tablet, etc.?

Yes, you can bring these items. We ask that everyone keeps all electronics on silent during programming. WIFI access is available.



So… is this like treatment?

No. We aim to be extra clear when we say that. SoulGround Retreats are NOT treatment. SoulGround is a community of individuals in Active Recovery, seeking meaningful, powerful, and connection-filled weekends at our retreats as well as community support on our Facebook page. As an SG community member, you have freedom to act as you wish (within acceptable social norms). You can take a break when you want to. You can eat what you decided is appropriate for you from the meals and snack options we offer, or you can bring your own (please inform us if you intend to bring your own food as well as any allergies you have). 



What kind of food will there be?

Please contact us before the first month’s payment due date (preferably in your registration) if you have any food allergies. This is important.

SoulGround offers a delicious variety of seasonally appropriate meals and snacks. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with 3 snack times a day. Meals are carefully considered and prepped prior to retreats to make cooking as easy as possible. Because we don’t have cooking staff (yet), all food is prepared community style.

Snacks will be provided, as well as water, tea, and coffee. You don’t need to bring food with you, unless you want a special treat for yourself or have significant/severe food restrictions that would be safer for you to manage on your own.

Vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian and members with food allergies will be accommodated as best as possible. Please let us know your restrictions when you fill out your registration.



What is the smoking policy?


Smoking is allowed OUTSIDE only. Because some members have severe allergies to cigarette smoke/smell, there will be a designated smoking area in front of the house on the driveway. This includes vapes as we have members that re highly allergic to the clouds and scents they have. 

Please keep this area clean. Those who use this area will be asked to return the area to its original state at the end of the retreat. A container for the disposal of butts will be provided. Please do not bring in partially-smoked cigarettes or dispose of butts inside or in any toilets.

Please note that despite medical marijuana’s legalization in Missouri, we ask that members do not engage in its use during the retreats, just as we expect no one to consume alcohol or any illicit or unprescribed medication as well.



What should I bring?

Comfy clothes
Chargers for any electronics brought
Appropriate medications
Journal and pen
Art supplies (optional)
Favorite pillow (optional)
Warm blanket (optional)
Comfort items (e.g., stuffed animal, grounding rocks, tangle, etc.)
Warm clothes for bonfire nights (if cold season)
Outdoor shoes/boots and socks to walk in.
Your favorite bug repellant


Things NOT to bring
Self-harm implements
Un-prescribed medications- Please do not share medications with other members
Illicit drugs
Marijuana in all forms (any products containing THC). CBD is fine.



Is there a service dog policy?


Yes. In accordance with the ADA, service dogs that have been individually task-trained to help with a specific disability of its handler are allowed. Emotional Support Animals are not permitted. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing a service dog. Any behavior that is unacceptable from a service animal (e.g., not house broken, aggression, etc.) will be immediately addressed. We request that service animals stay off the couches. Please make sure to bring poop bags and dispose of your service dog’s waste promptly.



How will I know where to go?


When you register for your retreat, you will be added to the private SoulGround community on Facebook and receive email updates with information about our campus location, itinerary, and any other important information.

What happens if I am not able to stay safe during the retreat?

Because we are not a treatment center, anyone that is not able to contract for safety and demonstrate as such will be transported by ambulance to the nearest ER. Everyone’s safety is extremely important to us. As we have grown, we have worked hard to implement ways of gatekeeping that help ensure members attending SoulGround retreats are able to keep themselves and those around them safe. To date, we have not had an incident that warranted transport as all members have been able to utilize resources and their own skills to remain safe and at SoulGround. If at any time you feel unsafe during the retreat weekend, please notify the facilitator/staff immediately.