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Upcoming Retreats



SoulGround 8 - Phoenix

Are you ready to rise?

This is a 3 day, 2 night retreat at our Ozark Campus in Roach, Missouri.

Registered Drama Therapist: Dr.Laura Wood


The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to live 500 years and have tears that contain healing properties. The Phoenix knows her time and when ready she bursts into flames which turn into ashes. Out of her ashes, she rises up with her new tail of gold, yellow, red and her piercing sapphire eyes. As she flys away, she leaves the ashes knowing she is wiser and even more prepared for her next 500 years ahead. Come join Dr. Laura Wood in your five hundredth year, allowing yourself to explore a story from your lifetime that needs to be explored so you can release tears of healing and burst into flames in service of regenerating into the next wisest, beautiful, colorful version of yourself. Are you ready to rise up? 


Tuition: $425

Sold Out!






Gold Fabric


January 17-19 2020

Come explore your humanness through the story of Circe with RDT Sarah Hartung. Click here for more information.



SG10-Liminal Space

June 12-14 2020

Holding the unknown is a difficult skill to master. It starts now by not knowing who will be facilitating Liminal Space.




November 13-15 2020

Come fall 2020 with Fatmah Al-Qadfan to SG11- Scarves. Scarves is about building bridges and honoring connections through space and time.